Review: Beit Fares Wa Lucia Guesthouse

Old Lebanese homes turned into guesthouses are all the craze in Lebanon right now and for good reasons. Many of these beautiful houses have been neglected and abandoned for long and it is time people started putting them to good use!

Enter Beit Fares wa Lucia, a beautiful guesthouse located quite literally in the center of Byblos, with very quick access to the city’s old souk and port. The guesthouse is a tribute to Fares & Lucia who once lived in the house. The guesthouse has three levels, including the ground floor which has a green garden in which you will be served your Lebanese breakfast.

I briefly met the owner, Najwa, a lovely lady who is passionate about Byblos and the guesthouse she owns as well as helping her guests fully enjoy their time in the city. I stayed in the Sunflower room, which is the smallest room available at the guesthouse and was still very spacious for me. The WiFi worked great (by Lebanese standards) and the water pressure was excellent.

From the hotel and whichever way you go, you are guaranteed to reach one of Byblos’s beautiful spots.

Places to Eat

Byblos has plenty of options but my favorites are Locanda and Khan Jbeil. In Locanda, you will get lots of Lebanese food options with a twist — do not miss the kalebouleh and the shrimp osmaliyye. In Khan Jbeil, which I recently tried for the first time, do not miss the batata harra and the hummus — simply superb!


Not a ton of options here but I would definitely recommend Vee. The place doesn’t have a lot going for it in terms of aesthetics, but the coffee is good and the location is great.


Byblos’s sunsets are legendary and I cannot name a single time where I saw a “bad” sunset in this city. You can of course head to the many beach spots and just watch the sunset from there or you can head to Oasis or the soon to be opened Kina and grab a drink in their beach facing tables — a mesmerizing experience!

For more on Byblos, you can check out my picture and video highlights from there on my Instagram.