Guide: 5 Filipino Islands You Should Visit

I recently stumbled upon the account of Filipino Instagrammer @johnnyferniz and I was wowed by all the bangers he has been putting out from his home country — just one amazing shot after the other! Anyway, I asked him for a quick list of his favorite Filipino islands and what to do on each one, and here is what he had to say. Make sure you check his Instagram account for more:

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7107 islands, which means you can never run out of cool, tropical places to explore. I have been living here for 30 years and I haven’t even explored a quarter of the number of islands in my country. But among all the Filipino islands I’ve been to, the 5 listed below are my favorite of them all.

5. Cebu

Coined as the Queen City of the South, Cebu has a lot to offer when it comes to waterfalls, beaches, and historical sites. If you’re into trekking and canyoneering, head to the southern part of Cebu and there you’ll find the adventure you’ve been looking for! If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, be sure to stop by Kawasan falls. The water is beautiful gatorade blue color, and the place is just absolutely breathtaking. Other points of interest are Tumalog falls, Aguinid falls, Mantayupan falls, Sumilon island, and Bantayan island.

4. Camiguin 

Just like Cebu, Camiguin also has beautiful waterfalls and white sand beaches. But what sets this island apart is not only is it blessed with waterfalls, but it also has hotsprings! In the midst of Camiguin is a volcano named Mount Hibok-hibok. And thanks to this volcano, Camiguin has natural hotsprings where you can chill and relax. What I love about Camiguin is how laid-back it is. For a very affordable price of less than 500 php (almost 10 USD), you can rent a motorbike and tour the entire island for a day. This is also the place where I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. Places to visit in Camiguin include White Island, Tuasan Falls, Sunken Cemetery, and Ardent hot springs.

3. Siargao 

Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines—so if you’re into surfing, then this is the places to go! What’s great about this island is that it hasn’t been spoiled by urbanization or any big infrastructures. This means that visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the place and get in touch with nature. And Siargao has more than just surfing sites to offer. Visitors can go island-hopping and explore the beautiful white sand beaches in the nearby small islands. One of the must-see places is the Magpupungko Tide Pool–a natural pool found in one of the beaches in Siargao, and it only appears during low tide!

2. Palawan

Home of one of the new seven wonders of nature, Palawan is blessed with so many beautiful natural spots. In Puerto Prinsesa, you’ll find the world-renowned underground river that stretches up to 8.2 kilometers! In this mysterious subterranean river, you will find beautiful rock formations. Another gem in Palawan is El Nido. You should not miss exploring the beautiful islands of El Nido! The beaches are simply breathtaking and the view of the islands from above—oh’s unlike any other! And one more place to explore in Palawan is Coron, which is also blessed with islands that have amazing white sand beaches. If white sand beaches, places to snorkel, and a laid-back life is what you’re looking for, Palawan is your go-to place!

1. Last but not least, in my number 1 spot is BOHOL!

Bohol is my beloved hometown. What can I say, I grew up on this small island, so of course it’s my favorite! But for 30 years living here, I’m still discovering more and more places to see here! If you love white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves and cave pools, snorkeling, trekking, camping, diving, cycling, and island-hopping, then head on to Bohol because this island has it all! From the gorgeous mountains of Alicia, to the charming Chocolate hills, down to the mysterious cave pools in Anda, flowing to the rushing waterfalls of Camugao, and to the white sand beaches of Panglao—you will definitely enjoy every minute and every adventure you will experience in Bohol.