Exploring Dubai’s Stonehenge

After seeing numerous pictures of this mysterious-looking Stonehenge-like place on Instagram, I finally decided to find it and explore it myself before it got too hot. The location, which is between Burj Al-Arab and Dubai’s fishing harbor, is allegedly the future site of the upcoming MGM and Bellagio hotels.

The spot is perfect for photoshoots especially with the juxtaposition of the weird-shaped columns with Burj Al-Arab. As a tip, there is a pile of sand that you can climb on to get better views and pictures of both the sea and the columns/Burj Al-Arab. Or if you are extra limber, try climbing one of the columns at your own risk!

Oh and take some water with you if you head there during the day although I would recommend getting there at dawn for ideal lighting and weather.

For more eerie places to explore around the UAE, check my previous post.

Happy exploring!

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