4 Aerial Ways to See Dubai That Are Not Skydiving

For its residents, Dubai is undoubtedly an amazing city, and is probably even more amazing to visitors who come from all corners of earth and all walks of life, attracted by the entertainment and sightseeing options the city has to offer – and they are many.

Since we all have friends and family who visit us all year round, attracted by the same glitz as any other visitor, I have put together a short list of ways you and them could see Dubai from the air, assuming you don’t have the stomach (read: guts) to skydive 🙂

Nothing rejuvenates your appreciation of the city you live in more than seeing it from a different perspective, I have been fortunate enough to experience 3 of the 4 different ways below. Luckily, all four options take off from different areas in Dubai so you can choose the area that you and your visitors would like to see the most.

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I took two of these trips — the hot air balloon and the seaplane — with Desert Gate Dubai who are incredibly knowledgeable about the city and professional. They can also arrange for the helicopter rides.

Without further ado, here is the list:

1. Hot air balloon: I never thought I would say this but there is something magical about waking up before the crack of dawn and heading on to the desert to ride a hot air balloon that glides over Dubai’s mesmerizing sand dunes!

Takeoff: Dubai desert

Price: 1,100 AED which includes a falconry show and breakfast


2. Seaplane: Another great way to see the entire city starting from Jebel Ali to Dubai Creek or vice versa is with a seaplane. The takeoff and landing over water are particularly enjoyable 🙂

Takeoff: Jebel Ali or Dubai Creek

Price: 1095 AED for 25 minute ride


3. Helicopter: With the helipad conveniently located by the Atlantis, it is not hard to see why the fun starts as soon as you take off with this great perspective of this major landmark!

Takeoff: Atlantis Hotel

Price: 795 AED for 15 minutes

4. Gyrocopter: I don’t know if I will ever have the stomach to ride in this one but it sure is the most unique one on this list!

Takeoff: SkyDive Dubai

Price: Unknown

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