9 Lebanese Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on Dubai-based Instagrammers that I thought were worth following, which made me think of creating a similar list for Lebanon which has a number of insanely talented Instagrammers. Like the other list, this one is also in no particular order and doesn’t take into consideration the number of followers.

Here are the Instagrammers I think are worth checking out:

1. @gmr83: One of the coolest people I know! Did I also mention it’s me? I know, I know, roll your eyes 🙂 Although I do not live in Lebanon but I do post pictures from there every now and then.

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Beirut mornings 🇱🇧

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2. @karliseverywhere:  Karl is one of the first people I followed on Instagram and for good reason. His pictures are not only well composed, but his editing style is consistently unique to the extent that you won’t believe some of the pictures were taken in Beirut.

3. @justzhm: Zari is one of Lebanon’s most talented artists and one of the very few people from Lebanon to be featured by Instagram itself! How cool is that?! The characters she adds to mundane pictures transform these shots into brilliant masterpieces.

4. @riseabovelebanon: One of the most unique accounts in Lebanon, capturing bird view pictures of places that we have all been to.

5. @melissahashem and @pamhachem: Two sisters capturing stunning street shots from their daily life in Beirut. Also check out their great feature account @imjustpassing.


6. @lebanonbyalocal: An account that would immediately make you nostalgic to the good old times in Lebanon especially if you are not living in Lebanon. The shots are well chosen and curated and cover everything from food and architecture to landscape and street photography.

7. @georges__chamoun: George has a sharp eye for street photography and architecture, and his shots are well timed and so well edited.

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The columns, and the random poser.

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8. @dany_111: Dany posts sea or seaside pictures that will make you want to leave everything and head over to Batroun immediately!

9. @elias.ac: A mountaineering expert so you guess where most of his pictures are taken 🙂


Who are your favorite Lebanese Instagrammers? Mention them in the comment section below!