8 Dubai Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

I have been considering putting together a list of my favorite worldwide Instagrammers that I recommend following, but I thought I would start with my base city, Dubai, first.

You will notice that the list (which is in no particular order and is independent of number of followers) is eclectic and ranges between food Instagrammers to portrait shooters and everything in between. There are dozens of other talented Instagrammers in this city, so if you know of anyone, please mention them in the comments below!

1. @aljvd: An investment banker turned full time photographer (talk about following your dreams!), Altamash is one of Dubai’s finest photographers and people. He has a sharp eye for all sorts of photography from street photography and portraits to panoramic views. In Dubai, Altamash prefers to shoot the famous Dubai landmarks from unique angles, and encourages other photographers to “be different.”. If you are wandering around the city, look up as you will probably spot him hanging out on a rooftop near you!

2. @ajtravel: Very few people make me feel as jealous as I am of this Instagrammer’s trips and pictures! Although it may seem that she is in a different country every week (and she probably is – insert jealous emoji here!), she not only takes gorgeous pictures of Dubai’s landmarks, but also runs free photowalks and tutorials for UAE-based ladies. So why not join one of those when the weather cools down a bit?! @ajtravel says that photography is her “means of escaping the everyday norm and challenging my creative outlet with each city I visit.” With the busy lives most of us have, I am sure many can relate to that.

3. @dennisstever: Dennis has a sharp eye for timely shots, especially of the sunsets in Dubai’s desert. His editing style is beautifully unique and captures the atmosphere of his shots very well.


4. @shackette: A Dubai desert dweller and a traveller, Junell can often be found taking beautiful pictures of Dubai’s golden sand dunes.

5. @dxbreakfasts: A delicious feature account for breakfasts and brunches, and if you are in or have been to Dubai, you know that the city loves its breakfasts and brunches!

6. @monkyseemonkydo: I generally avoid Ghida’s account because it makes me feel guilty about how lazy I am! Armed with a GoPro and her iPhone, Ghida uses Instagram to inspire people to be outdoors, which has also helped her emotionally get over a serious hip injury. Ghida also supports the app, Outdoors (iOS), which connects lovers of the outdoors with each other around the world.


7. @gibsterg: Aqib is a highly talented videographer, often taking pictures/videos of his friends as well as insane rooftop shots around Dubai.

8. @gmr83: Such an awesome Instagrammer! Of course, it helps that this is also me 🙂 Yes, this a shameless, yet humble plug! If you are into luxury hotels, known and unknown landmarks, and panoramic views, check out my gallery as I regularly visit or stay at Dubai’s top hotels.