Visiting The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus

I have been to Istanbul on numerous occasions, staying at different hotels in different areas each time. This time (July 2016), I stayed at a hotel in Beyoglu but having heard so much about the Four Seasons Hotel at the Bosphorus, I decided to visit with a friend to have lunch.

The hotel is ideally located on the water, very close to the gorgeous Dolmabahce Palace — in fact, we walked from there. The hotel has an amazing Mediterranean feel which overcomes you as soon as you step outside the lobby.

We had lunch and tea at the  Aqua restaurant. Food was delicious — we both had the “Turkish Burger” which I cannot recommend highly enough especially for its special eggplant and pistachio sauce. We also had the lahmachun which was a huge portion. In addition, we had the mezze mix which was my least favorite. The basil and cucumber juice was the perfect beverage for a hot but slightly breezy afternoon by the water.

I will definitely try to stay here next time!

Below are some pictures that I took, also using the Huawei P9 smartphone.